1 Assessing Coastal Blue Carbon Sinks in Taiwan
Hsing-Juh Lin , Kuan-Yu Chen , Yu-Chen Kao , Wei-Jen Lin , Chiao-Wen Lin and Chuan-Wen Ho
Vol.3. Iss.2 296 Views 96 Downloads
2 Oceanic Blue Carbon in Seas around Taiwan
Hsueh-Han Hsieh , Yung-Yen Shih , Syun-Han Wu , Hernando P. Bacosa and Chin-Chang Hung
Vol.3. Iss.2 415 Views 102 Downloads
3 Introduction of Blue Carbon Management
Stefanny Rebeca Alvarado and Hsiao-Chun Tseng
Vol.3. Iss.2 164 Views 39 Downloads
4 Using the IPO Model to Develop a Competency Standard for Remotely Operated Vehicle Supervisors
Pei-Chi Chang , Fu-Man Hsieh and Chian-Chi Huang
Vol.3. Iss.2 77 Views 12 Downloads
5 Numerical Study on the Evolution of Internal and Surface Waves Propagating over a Permeable Trapezoidal Obstacle
Ming-Hung Cheng , Chih-Min Hsieh and Robert R. Hwang
Vol.3. Iss.2 99 Views 19 Downloads
6 Development of a Scale to Measure the Effectiveness of Marine Science Learning for Primary School Students
Chia-Dai (Ray) Yen , Wen-Yi Lee , Tsuyoshi Sasaki and Yasuyuki Kosaka
Vol.3. Iss.1 122 Views 30 Downloads
7 Establishment and Application of Taiwan's First Marine Data Buoy for In Situ Automated Gamma Radioactivity Monitoring: A Case Study of Cesium-137 and Bismuth-214
Bo-Shian Wang , Christos Tsabaris , Ke-Hsien Fu , Wen-Chang Yang , Sheng-Hsueh Chen , Mong-Hsien Shih , Chien-Ming Lee , Yi-Fang Lee , Kun-I Lin and Kuo-Ching Jao
Vol.3. Iss.1 81 Views 12 Downloads
8 (–)-11β,20β-Epoxy-4-deacetoxyjunceellolide D, Polyoxygenated Briarane Deriving from Octocoral Junceella fragilis in Sea Whip
Yu-Hsin Hsieh , Li-Guo Zheng , You-Ying Chen , Su-Ying Chien , Yun-Ting Zeng and Ping-Jyun Sung
Vol.3. Iss.1 73 Views 10 Downloads
9 Development of In-Captivity Breeding and Larval Rearing Technology for Coral Reef Fish in Taiwan
Ming-Yih Leu
Vol.3. Iss.1 155 Views 47 Downloads
10 A Comparison of Roe Development and Somatic Growth for Different Cryptic Species of Mugil Cephalus Cultured in Tropical Taiwan
Yu-Ling Nien , Ching-Yi Chen , Chih-Hui Wang , Kang-Ning Shen and Chih-Wei Chang
Vol.3. Iss.1 66 Views 7 Downloads